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Population Census to be taken throughout Japan

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On October 1, a Census (国勢調査 / Kokusei-chōsa) will be taken throughout the country. This is a statistical survey of every person residing in Japan, regardless of nationality or whether you have a resident register (住民票 / Jūminhyō) or not, of which the results of the survey will serve as the fundamental data that will assist our lives in various fields.

From September 14th the surveys will be sent. The surveys may be filled out over the internet or by paper mailed to you. You may complete the survey online in: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, and in Portuguese. The survey is also available 24/7 on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Please access the survey with the ID sent to you and complete it by October 7th. For those without internet access, the physical copy of the survey has been prepared in 27 languages. Please call the call center (interpreters available) or contact/visit your local ward office (services only available in Japanese) for more information about the multilingual versions of the survey.

The completed Census form should be placed in the envelope provided, and posted by October 7.  The contents of the completed Census form will be strictly protected under the Statistics Act, and will not be used for any purpose other than statistical purposes. The obligation to complete and submit a Census form is also established in the Statistics Act. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Contact Information:

Multilingual Service: 2020 National Census Call Center

(Main: 03-6636-9607, Navi Dial: 0570-07-2020)

Japanese Language Service: Nagoya City General Affairs Bureau Statistics Division (総務局統計課), phone: 052-972-2255; FAX 052-972-4114 or the General Affairs Division Statistics and Election Section (総務課統計選挙係) of your local ward office.