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Welcome Message!

Welcome to Nagoya!

This website was created to provide foreign nationals living in Nagoya with useful information relevant to your daily life here, covering a wide range of topics such as housing, education, transportation, information services and other important civic matters. We hope this guide enables you to lead a more enjoyable, convenient and trouble-free life in Nagoya.

The Nagoya International Center (NIC), established by the City of Nagoya in 1984, also provides an abundance of information on life in Nagoya and opportunities for international exchange. NIC offers numerous consultation and information services to foreign nationals, as outlined below, in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Filipino. If, at any time, you have an inquiry or problem, please feel free to utilize these services.

Nagoya International Center: Information and Consultation

Information Services Counter

(Inquiries about life in Nagoya TEL 581–0100)

Administration Information Advisory Service for Foreign Residents

(Consultation services for issues concerning administrationTEL 581–0100)
(3-way conference call TEL 581–6112)

Civic Information Advisory Service for Foreign Residents











10 : 00-12 : 00  13 : 00-17 : 00


13 : 00-17 : 00

10 : 00-12 : 00

13 : 00-17 : 00


13 : 00-17 : 00

13 : 00-17 : 00


Legal Consultation for Foreign Residents

(Appointments for consultation concerning Japanese domestic law TEL 581–6111)
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese
Hours: 10:00–12:30 (Saturday only)

Counseling Services for Foreigners

(Counseling to help deal with the difficulties and stresses of life in Japan TEL 581–0100)
Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, etc.
Hours: Reservations required

Consultation on Education for Children of Foreign Nationals & Children Studying Abroad

(Counseling concerning education for children of foreign nationalities and education for children with parents on overseas assignment  TEL 581–0100)
Hours: 10:00–17:00 (Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday)

Free Tax Consultation for Foreign Residents by a Certified Tax Accountant

(Certified tax accountants offer free tax consultation for foreign residents who need to prepare a Japanese tax return. Reservations required: TEL 581–0100)
This service is only available from February to March every year.
Languages: English, Portuguese,Spanish, Chinese, etc.

Peer Support Salon

(A place to make friends and share issues with peers. Reservations required: TEL 581–0100)
This service is limited to several times a year.
Languages:Portuguese, etc. (support based on needs)

Free Medical Check Ups for Foreign Nationals

(Consultation regarding health, no reservation required.)
This is a limited-time-only service provided twice a year.
Languages:English, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.

General consultation for foreigners’ minds and bodies

One-stop consultation is provided through related institutions able to help with health, welfare and hygiene including examinations, vaccinations and notification of social programs so that foreign residents can live with peace of mind for their health.
Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Filipino and Vietnamese

Counseling Services for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

(Consultation for Indochinese Permanent Residents, UN Convention Refugees, and Applications of Refugee Status. Reservations required: TEL 0120-090-091)
Languages: English, etc.
Hours: First, third and fourth Thursday

Career Guidance for Children of Foreign Residents and their Guardians

(Consultation and information regarding post-junior high school career plans. Reservations required: TEL 581–0100)
This is a limited-time-only service provided once ayear.
Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Filipino

Volunteer/Counseling Staff Dispatch Service to Counseling Sessions for Foreign Residents

(Dispatch of volunteer interpreters and counseling staff to local counseling sessions. Reservations required: TEL 581–0100)
Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, etc.

Foreign resident consultation and support in case of a large scale natural disaster

(There will be a Foreigner Earthquake (Disaster) Rescue Center in the information service corner when a large scale natural disaster occurs, prioritizing normal operations to provide consultation including provision of information for foreign residents and support for restoring living conditions.)Other offices of the City are not yet prepared to offer services in foreign languages. It is suggested that a Japanese speaker is brought to aid with communication.
If you would like a pamphlet explaining this information, contact Information on the 3F of Nagoya International Center (TEL 581-0100 WEB http://www.nic-nagoya (外部リンク)別ウィンドウ).
Onceagain, we sincerely hope that your life here in Nagoya is enjoyable.

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