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Mail and Telephone Services

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Mail Services

If you submit a change of residence form to a post office when changing residences, mail addressed to your previous residence will be forwarded to your new address free of charge for one year from the day you submit a change of address form.

For service in English: TEL 0570–046–111

(available 8:00–21:00 on Monday toFriday, 9:00–21:00 on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays)

Mail service English information website:外部リンク)別ウィンドウ

Telephone Services

For new connections

In order to use a new phone you will need to pay a contract fee of 800 yen (without tax), facility installation fee 36,000 yen (without tax), construction fees, phone costs and other initial fees in addition to the monthly billing. (Note) The Analog Lite Plan (Kanyu Denwa Lite Plan) is also available, and does not require a subscription fee. For details call NTT WEST Information (Foreign Language Information Center) or TEL 116.

NTT WEST Information (Foreign Language Information Center)

TEL 0120–064337 (English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish)

Monday–Friday 9:00–17:00

(closed on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and from Dec. 29 to Jan. 3)

To install new services, or if you have moved:

TEL 116 (only available in Japanese)

9:00–17:00 every day (except Dec. 29–Jan. 3)

* Please dial carefully.

Domestic Telephone Calls in Japan

Telephone numbers in Japan consist of three sets of numbers, including the area code, the local exchange number, and the subscriber’s number. Please dial the numbers in order for domestic calls. You can omit the area code and just dial the local exchange number and subscriber’s number if you are making a telephone call to a location within the same area code.

Public Telephones

Public telephones accept coins and telephone cards. Green and grey public telephones accept both coins and telephone cards. Both 10 yen and 100 yen coins can be used, however change from 100 yen coins will not be returned from the telephones. Telephone cards are available in amounts of 500 yen and 1,000 yen, with the latter providing 1,050 yen worth of time.

Telephone cards can be purchased at automatic vending machines, convenience stores, and other places.

It is possible to make international phone calls from public pay phones that indicate that international calls are possible.

When you no longer need your telephone line

When you return to your home country, move, etc., and your telephone line is no longer needed, it is necessary to cancel your contract. For more information please call 116.

When your phone is broken

TEL 113 (service only in Japanese) Available 24 hours (recorded reception with voice guidance)


For other phone related inquiries see the list of phone related contacts (Daily Life) or the NTT WEST website. ・NTT WEST website (English):外部リンク)別ウィンドウ