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Nagoya's Sister and Friendship Cities

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For further information, please see the Nagoya Sister Cities Association Homepage.

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Los Angeles

picture of Los Angeles

(Affiliated Apr. 1, 1959)

Located in America's Southern California, Los Angeles is America's second largest city.

The climate along the coast is mediterranean, while the inland areas comprise desert plains. Founded as a city in 1850, it is highly developed as a financial and cultural city.

Little Tokyo within the city is the social and financial hub of the Japanese-American community, while Hollywood, the movie capital of the world and Disneyland are nearby.

The aerospace and electronics industries are also highly developed.

Los Angeles website(外部リンク)別ウィンドウ

Los Angeles Nagoya Sister City Affiliation(外部リンク)別ウィンドウ

Mexico City

picture of Mexico City

(Affiliated Feb. 16, 1978)

Mexico City is the capital of the United Mexican States.

It is the political, economical and cultural capital. Located at 2,200m above sea level, the city enjoys a warm climate with the four seasons heralding little change.

On the cultural front, the Aztec culture flourished from the 14th to 16th centuries, then the area experienced the cultural influence of Spain through colonization.

The city's own cultural identity was formed and then in 1824 it became the capital of the United Mexican States.

The city's main arteries are lined with trees, historical monuments are dotted throughout the city, blending beautifully with the modern buildings.

Mexico City Website(外部リンク)別ウィンドウ


picture of Nanjing

(Affiliated Dec. 21, 1978)

Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province in the Southern reaches of China's Changjiang River.

The climate is temperate and slightly humid and is famous as a very green city with a hilly landscape.

Nanjing's history dates back 2,400 years to the age of the Warring States and was formed by a number of dynasties.

Later the capital was moved by the Ming Dynasty to Beijing, which means Northern Capital, thus Nanjing was given its name, as it means Southern Capital.

Nowadays it is a highly developed industrial city.

Nanjing Website(外部リンク)別ウィンドウ


picture of Sydney

(Affiliated Sep. 16, 1980)

Sydney is the capital of the state of New South Wales and the heartland of Australia's commerce and industry, finance and culture.

The climate is warm. The city straddles Sydney Harbour and extends from South to North, with the busiest part of town and the administrative areas in the South.

Sydney is thought as the founding city of Australia symbolizing the immigrants' first steps on Australian soil.

Sydney website(外部リンク)別ウィンドウ


picture of Torino

(Affiliated May 27, 2005)

The Cities of Nagoya and Turin will become sister cities in May 2005. Holding approximately 1 million, Turin's population is fourth in Italy after Rome, Milan and Naples.

Nagoya also has the fourth largest population in Japan after Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka. 240 meters above sea level at the southern foot of the Alps, Turin is the capital of Piedmont Region, located in the northwestern area of Italy sharing its borders with Switzerland and France.

The cityscape is orderly arranged along latticed roads planned by the Savoy Family which ruled Turin in the 17th century, and is different from other European cities in which the fortresses have commonly resulted in the cities developing along radial lines.

The Winter Olympics will be held in February 2006!

Population: approximately 1 million
Area: 133.17km2
Time difference with Japan: -8h (summertime-7h)

Turin website(外部リンク)別ウィンドウ