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The City of Nagoya's Logo, Tree and Flower

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City Logo

picture of  city logo

In 1907, it was determined that Nagoya should have a logo. After considering designs requested from a variety of areas, the above logo was approved during a City Assembly meeting in October of the same year. Used as the tally seal by the Owari Tokugawa family, it is referred to as the Maru ni Hachi no Ji, or the Circle Eight Character.

City Tree: Camphor


Based on the results of a popular survey of the city residents, in August 1972 the camphor was selected among seven different proposed trees as the City Tree. As an enormous camphor tree was located at a famous place in Nagoya, it befit the city’s landscape, and it would also prove beneficial for the future promotion of the greenification of Nagoya, and was therefore chosen as the City Tree.

City Flower: Lily


The lily was selected as the City Flower in April 1950 as part of that month’s “Greenery Week”, through a public survey jointly sponsored with a newspaper company. Competing with over one hundred varieties of flowers such as the rose, cherry blossom, chrysanthemum, and carnation, the lily took first place and was thus selected as the City Flower.