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Looking for Housing

The most general method of searching for housing is through a real estate agent. Housing information is also available from other sources, such as one’s workplace or university.

When renting a residence, you must enter a housing contract. You must also have a guarantor. Most housing contracts include payment of reikin, or key money, and shikikin, a security deposit, both features of Japan’s housing rental system.

Public Housing

Municipal Housing

Those living or working within the city of Nagoya may apply for municipal housing if they meet certain requirements such as income level and number of family members.

Applications are accepted by mail and by other means during the quarterly general application period and other application periods. Application forms are distributed during the application periods by ward and branch offices, Applications Section at the No. 1 Management Office of the Nagoya City Housing Supply Corporation (TEL 523–3875), and Sumai no Madoguchi in Sakae’s Underground Shopping Center Minami Yombangai (TEL 264–4683). 

 Applications for certain apartment complexes are accepted only at the Sumai no Madoguchi office. Please refer to the “Tenancy Application Guide” (English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish) for more details.

Information regarding Nagoya City Housing Supply Corporation municipal housing etc. is available from Management Section at the No.2 Management Office (TEL 523–3879), or from the Sumai no Madoguchi office (TEL 264–4683).

Other Information on Public Housing

The Aichi Prefecture Housing Corporation (prefectural housing) and the Urban Renaissance Agency (UR Housing) also provide information. If you would like to secure housing through these organizations, there are set requirements, so please contact the following offices for details:

  • Aichi Prefectural Housing Corporation (TEL 973–1791 or TEL 259-2672)
  • Urban Renaissance Agency, Chubu Branch Office (TEL 968–3100 or TEL 264–4711)

Private Rental Housing

Aichi Prefectural Anshin Rental Housing

Anshin Rental Housing, which deals with houses registered in Aichi Prefecture, serves as private rental housing accepting foreign national residents.   (TEL 242–4555) At the Housing Consultation Corner within the Sumai no Madoguchi in Sakae’s Underground Shopping Center, we offer housing information as well as information about organizations providing residency support and companies that conduct mediation with Anshin Rental Housing registered in Aichi Prefecture.

You can directly search for registered information on Anshin Rental Housing on the Aichi Prefectural Housing Supply Corporation’s website (Japanese only).(外部リンク)別ウィンドウ