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Specific Health Examinations and Guidance (Tokutei kenko shinsa / Tokutei hoken shido)

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Medical Exam and Lifestyle Consultation

All health insurance systems, including national health insurance, conduct medical exams and provide consultations for a healthy lifestyle. This page gives you an outline of the medical exam and consultations Nagoya City National Health Insurance provide.

Insured persons ages 40 to 74 are eligible for exams. A letter including a ticket(s) for an exam is sent to each household around the end of May. Please refer to the brochure located in the envelope for more details. If you have enrolled in the Nagoya City National Health Insurance by the end of September, a ticket(s) will be sent to you about 2 months following your enrollment date.

Those who are found to be at risk for lifestyle-related diseases during their exam(s) are advised to go through one of the consultations provided. Medical exams will be held from June 1st to March 31st. Please speak with a consultant by May 31st of the following year. Medical exams and consultations are both free. However, please be aware that your ticket is invalid if you are no longer insured by Nagoya City National Health Insurance. If you are insured by another insurance company, please contact your insurer.


This medical exam targets people affected by metabolic syndrome. We aim to decrease the number of people diagnosed with or at risk for diabetes and other lifestyle-related diseases,

Medical Exam

For people ages 40 to 74 and those who turn 75 between the period of June 2nd and March 31st. To receive a medical exam, you must be enrolled in Nagoya City National Health Insurance by September 30th.

The medical exam includes a blood test, urinalysis, blood pressure measurement, physical examination and body measurement. People ages 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 or 70 as of April 1st will also be asked to take an electrocardiogram and anemia test.

Types of medical exams and understanding your test results (only available in Japanese)

Residents of the City of Nagoya who turn 75 years between the period of April 1st and June 1st are eligible for medical exams provided by the medical care system for the elderly in the latter stage of life.

Outline of the Medical Exam (only available in Japanese)

Chest X-ray radiography conducted together with fee-based cancer screening for citizens of Nagoya.

Cancer screening and medical exam for lifestyle-related diseases (only available in Japanese)


Based on the result of your medical exam, you will be recommended to meet with a consultant for one of 3 levels of support shown below:


You will receive some advice on how to improve your lifestyle

Motivational Support (動機づけ支援 (doki-zuke shien))

Consult with an expert to improve your lifestyle. In most cases you will only meet once.

Active Support (積極的支援 (sekkyoku-teki shien) )

You will receive long-term support towards improving your lifestyle. Consultations will be provided for 3 to 6 months.

We recommend that you speak with a lifestyle consultant no later than by the end of May 31st of the following year.

How to apply for a medical exam and lifestyle consultation

  1. Choose a hospital/clinic from the list.
  2. Contact a hospital/clinic by phone to make an appointment for a medical exam.
  3. Bring your national insurance card and your ticket for the exam on the day of your appointment.
  4. Your results will be given by hand or sent to your home by the medical institution your medical exam took place.
  5. If your result is marked either with “Motivational Support(動機付け支援(doki-zuke shien) )” or “Active Support(積極的支援(sekkyoku-teki shien))”, we recommend that you speak with a lifestyle consultant. Hospitals/Clinics marked with ○ in the list provide lifestyle consultation.

Where you can receive medical exams

Please refer to the list of medical institutions. You can make an appointment at a hospital/clinic outside of the ward of your residence.

List of medical institutions (only available in Japanese)


Health Insurance & Pension Division, Social Welfare Department, Health & Welfare Bureau

TEL: 052-972-2567 (only available in Japanese)

FAX: 052-972-4148

Office hours: 8:45 AM to 5:15 PM Monday through Friday


Please confirm that your contact information (telephone number and/or email address) is in your email in order to receive a reply.