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Please mind the traffic restrictions!

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Please be aware of the traffic restriction that will be in place for the G20 Aich-Nagoya Foreign Ministers’ Meeting!

   On November 22nd (Friday) and the 23rd (Saturday & Holiday) this year, G20 Aich-Nagoya Foreign Ministers’ Meeting will be hosted at Nagoya Kanko Hotel.

  Due to the large volume of high-ranking officials and media visiting Nagoya, central Nagoya and many highways will have restricted traffic regulations from November 21st (Thursday) to 24th (Sunday). We ask that you please refrain from driving during this time. Instead, please use other means of public transportation as much as possible. Furthermore, please do your best to keep a flexible schedule for any work-related tasks that involve work vehicles during the regulation period. You will find updated information on the traffic regulations through the Aichi Police Website. 

   Thank you for your understanding.