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Cigarette smoke

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Cigarette smoke

Under the revised Health Promotion Law, smokers will be obligated to be more aware of people who do not smoke.

On July 25th 2018, the Health Promotion Law was partially amended and was put into effect in January 2019 according to the following two points below.


・When smoking, you must be careful to make sure that others around you who do not smoke will not breathe in smoke from your cigarettes (second-hand smoke)

・When owners of public and/or private spaces create smoking areas, they must take care that the areas are adequately separated from non-smoking areas in order to protect others from cigarette smoke.

・Cigarette smoke is hazardous to the health of others around you. You should especially refrain from smoking if people who are more prone to adverse health effects from smoke such as children, expectant mothers, or people with pre-existing medical conditions are near you. Children are unable to move away from smoke.

*Starting July 2019: schools, hospitals, child welfare facilities, and government buildings will be generally recognized as non-smoking areas. Furthermore, restaurants and workplaces will also become generally recognized as non-smoking areas starting April 2020.