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【Guide to studying in Nagoya】 Support for international students

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Support for international students

The City of Nagoya has many support programs so that international students can concentrate on their studies and enjoy a comfortable life in the City of Nagoya. The staff from various fields are always there to provide assistance. Please feel free to contact us.

International exchange organization

There are numerous organizations in Nagoya that offer support for difficulties you encounter during your time abroad as well as information and social programs for you to enjoy.

Nagoya International Center

The Nagoya International Center was established to provide the foreign community in Nagoya with information on housing, education, transportation, and other lifestyle topics as well as to sponsor programs and events that serve as an opportunity to interact with the local community. The center provides free-of-charge consultation on a variety of issues in nine languages: Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, French, and Vietnamese. The NIC also contains a library of 28,000 volumes.
photograph  Nagoya International Center

Nagoya International Center

International Student Center

For international students studying at a university in Aichi prefecture, we provide accommodations, information about seminars, consultations. The accommodation facilities consist of 80 single rooms and 10 double rooms, and 100 students can stay and live here at a reasonable price. Also there is an "ISC supporting meeting" established by companies, associations, and residents in the area to support international students and to encourage international good will.
photograph  International Student Center

International Student Center

Aichi International Association Aichi International Plaza

The Aichi International Plaza is the base facility of international exchange and is a place for foreigners, including international students and people living in Aichi, to communicate with one another.

photograph  Multicultural Center

Multicultural Center

At the Multicultural Center, you can ask questions regarding daily life, such as labor and medical issues, and also receive counselling from lawyers (free of charge). Consultations are available in several languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese). At the library, approx. 20,000 books including books on international exchange and foreign cultures, and books on Japan in different languages, are available to read and check out.
photograph  You can borrow flags from around the world.

Another popular feature is our free-of-charge service that allows people to borrow flags from around the world

Aichi Foreign Student Supporting Association

photograph  International students visiting the local fire department

International students visiting the local fire department

Aichi Foreign Student Supporting Association undertakes a variety of activities intended to foster mutual understanding and friendship with international students, including parties to celebrate the arrival or departure of international students, tours of local facilities and landmarks, social gatherings, financial assistance, and a range of consultation services.

photograph  Cultural exchange meeting

Cultural exchange meeting
-International Students' Evening-

The City of Nagoya and Aichi Prefecture's websites also offers information in different languages.

Employment support

Nagoya Employment Service Center for Foreigners supports employment for exchange students.

Service provided for registered applicants

  • Consultation and employment placement

In addition to job placement opportunities, consultation for job hunting, assistance for procedures to change residence status, etc., are available.

  • Guidance to support employment

Useful tips (such as how to write a resume and manners during an interview) when job hunting in Japan are provided.

  • Internship

An internship program for international students is available every Spring (February/March) and Summer (July/August).

  • Guidance on how to fill out a job application

Guidance on how to write a resume and entry sheets.

  • Practice job interview

International students who will have a job interview can practice.

  • Mail information service

Emails are sent to notify you about events and updates on new job opportunities.

Other links that will help your employment

Information gathering and document search, as well as private consultations are available at this facility to assist in job hunting. Each university also supports job hunting for exchange students.

Consulting for school and daily life

The City of Nagoya offers a wide range of support to exchange students to solve problems in daily life.

Distribution of the "Nagoya Living Guide"

The City of Nagoya publishes the brochure, "Nagoya Living Guide," containing useful information for daily life, such as how to dispose of trash (how to divide trash) or how to pay for utilities. You can receive the brochure at the Nagoya International Center and city council where you live. You can also download it from the City of Nagoya's website.
photograph  Nagoya Living Guide

Nagoya Living Guide

Consultation at various organizations

Nagoya International Center provides services such as information provision, organization of places for communication with others, and multi-language consultations. The Multicultural Center located in the Aichi International Plaza provides consultation services on labor and medical issues. Advice from lawyers is available in many languages, free of charge.

Search for medical institutions

With the "Aichi Emergency Medical Guide(外部リンク)別ウィンドウ" provided by Aichi Prefecture, you can search for multi-language hospitals and clinics. "The Aichi Medical Information Center" is open 24 hours and can recommend the appropriate medical facility according to your symptoms. "The Aichi Medical Interpreters System(外部リンク)別ウィンドウ" can send medical translators (reservation required) to a participating medical facility. By enrolling in the national health insurance system at the city council's Insurance and National Pension Division, you can reduce the cost of your medical examinations.
photograph  The Aichi Guide to Emergency Medicine

The Aichi Guide to Emergency Medicine