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Co-operative Disaster Assistance Planning

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Co-operative Disaster Assistance Planning

In order to minimize the damage from a large earthquake or other large disaster, it is necessary to prepare yourself on a regular basis.

The “Co-operative Disaster Assistance Planning” (tasukeai no shikumi-zukuri) system is in place for residents to obtain vital information in the event of a disaster, such as how and where to receive assistance. By confirming important topics with your neighbors and community beforehand, such as “where you live” “how to check if you are OK” and “how to evacuate,” you can be better prepared in the event of a disaster.

If you apply to your ward office in advance, you can enroll in the “Co-operative Disaster Assistance Planning” system where the ward office will communicate to you important information through your community concerning evacuation or how to proceed in the event of a large disaster.

※   The “Co-operative Disaster Assistance Planning” system is actively promoted by neighborhood and local community associations. It isnot a guarantee that you will receive support in the event of a disaster.

※   Not all areas are participating in the “Co-operative Disaster Assistance Planning” system. For more information, please contact your local ward office.

Inquiries:          General Affairs Division, Local Ward Office

                                          Nagoya International Center