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Manaca/TOICA Joint-Use Service

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Manaca/TOICA Joint-Use Service

Now, instead of having separate commuter passes for city buses/subways and the JR Tokai, you can have a single commuter pass that works for both.

You can now ride the JR Tokai with your Manaca.

You can now ride city buses/subways, the Aonami Line, the Yutorito Line, and Meitetsu trains with your TOICA.

○Manaca Mileage Points and discounts for connections are services unique to Manaca.

○Joint-use service with electronic money functionality is scheduled to begin in Spring 2013.

※When using the Manaca, you cannot ride the JR Line outside of the area in which the TOICA is valid.

※“TOICA” is a registered trademark of the Central Japan Railway Company.