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Nagoya Multicultural Coexistence Promotion Plan

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Nagoya Multicultural Coexistence Promotion Plan

Objects of Planning

- As a central area for commerce and the central city of the Nagoya metropolitan area where many manufacturing industries are concentrated, the City of Nagoya is home to residents of many nationalities. Nagoya is additionally the home to many people, even with Japanese citizenship, who possess a background in a foreign culture, such as people born in an international marriage or Japanese who have come home after living abroad. For these reasons, it is necessary to create a city that aspires toward becoming a multicultural society.

- Up to now, the City of Nagoya has carried out various measures for multiculturalism based upon the city's comprehensive plans. Now, as based on the needs of the community, we have created the "Nagoya Multicultural Coexistence Promotion Plan" (hereby referred to as the Plan) in order to advance a policy of multiculturalism that is both comprehensive and systematic.

What is a multicultural society?

A society in which people of different nationalities and ethnicities acknowledge each other's cultural differences and, in striving to build equal relationships, live together happily as members of a communal society.

Effective Period of the Plan

The effective period of the Plan will be the 5 years from April 2012 to March 2017.