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What is evacuation information?

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The Difference between Notices to Prepare for Evacuation, Evacuation Advisories, and Evacuation Orders

Due to great rains accompanying Typhoon No. 15 that started on September 20, the City of Nagoya announced evacuation advisories and orders for 12 wards and 165 school districts. Here, we’ll use river flooding as an example to explain the differences between each directive.


Notice to Prepare for Evacuation (Hinan Junbi Joho)

Information indicating that the occurrence of a disaster has been predicted and an Evacuation Advisory is being prepared to be issued.

・Elderly and disabled people should use this as a guideline for voluntary evacuation

・After this notice, please use a television, radio, etc. to get weather forecasts and disaster information


Evacuation Advisory(Hinan Kankoku)

An announcement advising evacuation due to the possibility of a disaster occurring

・In accordance with the situation, please evacuate to a high floor in your house, an evacuation shelter, or another safe place


Evacuation Order(Hinan Shiji)

An announcement ordering evacuation, as the risk of harm has become imminent and the risk to one’s life has increased

・Please evacuate to a place where there is little danger

・If there’s no time to evacuate, please temporarily evacuate to the 4th floor or higher of a reinforced concrete building