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2010 Nagoya Foreign Residents Survey Results

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The Purpose of This Study

This survey was carried out to assess the circumstances, problems, and needs of our foreign residents, and to provide materials for policy promotion in order to make our city a comfortable and enjoyable place to live for all citizens, both Japanese and foreign.

Target Group

This survey targeted 6,000 randomly-chosen foreign residents of Nagoya who, as of August 10, 2010, were age 20 or older, registered as foreigners, and who possessed primary or secondary residence visas under the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.

Survey Method and Period

  Delivery-and-pick-up method (the target is visited and survey form is handed over, with the form generally being collected in person at a later date. [Some forms were returned by post.])

  A 21-day period from Mon. Sept. 6 to Sun. Sept. 26, 2010

Survey Collection Rate

  Percentage of surveys collected from subjects: 28.5% (1,708 out of 6,000 subjects)

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