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Nagoya Station area

 Attractions of Greater Nagoya
Nagoya City, with a population over 2.2 million, is located almost at the center of Japan. It has grown into one of three major metropolitan regions (Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya) as a base for business and commerce.

Greater Nagoya, centralized in Nagoya City, is the hub of Japanese manufacturing industries, producing over 40% of major manufacturing categories such as automobiles, automobile parts, machine tools and aircraft parts, and exerts its role as a strong leader in the Japanese economy.
The recent Nagoya economy remains strong. This enables the city to attract many domestic and international investors as the most dynamic region of Japan. In front of Nagoya Station, the gateway to Nagoya, many high-rise buildings have recently been built, increasing the city’s vigorousness.

Nagoya continues to develop as a gateway open to Asia and the world, with a focus on international business with many visitors. We sincerely hope you will choose to locate your business in Nagoya.

Overview of Nagoya
Population  2.27million (2014)
 Area 326.43 square kilometers
 Nominal gross citizen's domestic product 11,785billion JPY (2011)
 Major industries Automobiles, fine ceramics, aircrafts/rockets and machine tools Developing industries Environment, medical care/welfare/health, information, advanced science technologies including new manufacturing technologies
 Households 1,037,704(2014)
 Income per capita 3.13 million JPY (FY2011)
 Businesses 121,788 (2012)
 Universities 23 (2013)

Best Transportation infrastructure

Nagoya has one of the Best transportation infrastructure in Japan.

Nagoya has evolved as an important place of transportation since its early days, and has complete infrastructure for land, sea and air transportation.

The city provides smooth transportation within Japan as well as to overseas locations.

Nagoya is a perfect location for companies seeking new business opportunities.


Best Transportation infrastructure

The Tokaido Shinkansen (bullet train) takes you to Tokyo in approximately 100 minutes, and to Osaka in approximately 50 minutes. Business trips to these cities can be made in one day.
When the Linear Chuo Shinkansen opens in 2027, it will take approximately 4 0 minutes to travel between Nagoya and Tokyo. With the shortened travel time, Nagoya will be even more convenient.


Easy access to 2 airports

Central Japan International Airport (Centrair), which offers services to 17 domestic cities and 27 overseas cities, and Prefectural Nagoya Airport, which services 7 domestic cities, can be reached from the city center in about 30 minutes.


・Centrair wins Award as the“ World Best Regional Airport”
In the evaluation of customer service for international airports, Centrair has ranked No. 1 in Asia for 4 consecutive years in the “airports with mid- to short distance lines located in non-capital cities.”Centrair is convenient for overseas business trips.


Clusters of manufacturing industries

Industrial structure of the 3 major city areas by total production by industry

In the Greater Nagoya area (Prefectures of Aichi, Gifu and Mie), total production by manufacturing accounts for 32.7% of all industries, a high percentage compared to the Greater Tokyo and Greater Osaka areas.

The Greater Nagoya area encompasses one of the world’s dominant clusters of cutting-edge industries including manufacturing, such as automobile, aerospace and machine tool, IT and service.
It also boasts of the largest agriculture sector in the country.
These world-leading companies are all proactively seeking innovative partners to exploit existing opportunities and develop new business offerings.

Composition ratio of total production volume by industry in Nagoya

Looking at the total production by industry in Nagoya, it is the commercial and service industries that come first.
As the core financial city in the Greater Nagoya area, its industrial structure centers on commercial and service industries which are unique characteristics of large cities.

Business Environment

Short commuting time

Median commuting time for main earners

Average travel time to work for main earners is 27.5 minutes in the Greater Nagoya area, which is less than the 44.9 minutes in the Greater Tokyo area and the 35 minutes in the Greater Osaka area.
This enables a more efficient and pleasant business life.


Office rent is reasonable

Average business district per square meter

Average rent per square meter is 3,269 yen in the business district in Nagoya, which is lower than the 5,092 yen in Tokyo and the 3,369 yen in Osaka.


Land price is reasonable

Price per 1 square meter residential land

Average cost for 1square meter of residential land in Nagoya is 164,900 yen, which is lower than the 504,800 yen in Tokyo and the 231,900 yen in Osaka.

This is economical when building company housing and dormitories for your employees.



Subsidy for the Promotion of Industrial siting

This subsidy is designed to cover a part of the expenses involved in establishing a new office, plant or research center in the city.

Subsidy for the Promotion of Industrial siting

Incubation facility

An incubation facility is a public support facility available for rent by individuals aiming to establish their companies and enterprises advancing into new operations or fields. Technical and management support is offered by specialists in each field.

Nagoya Business Incubator

nagoya business incubator shirakane

Two facilities are available for IT and R&D-type venture enterprises.
There are diverse types of rooms available to fit your needs.

Nagoya Life Science Incubator (NALIC)

The center supports the commercialization of technological seeds through joint research with universities. It has a well-equipped laboratory.

Creation Core Nagoya

This facility supports SMEs working on creating new businesses. It has rooms suitable for production development.

Rent subsidy system

This subsidy covers a part of rent for up to 5 years for SMEs established less than 5 years ago.

Generous support for foreign-affiliated companies!


If you are considering establishing an office in Nagoya, inquire with I-BAC for free services.
 Our one-stop services for foreign-affil iated companies extend from business activity-related information such as assistance in establishing offices, referrals for clients and suppliers, personnel recruiting, and incentives, to living-related information such as housing and education.
Feel free to ask whatever questions you may have. We also provide follow-up aid after establishment with new business opportunities.

I-BAC(Aichi-Nagoya International Business Access Center)(外部リンク)別ウィンドウ



Greater Nagoya is defined as the area within a 100km radius of the Nagoya Central Business District, the city at the heart of Japan and GNI offers support to foreign-affiliated companies interested in moving their business to this area.
The services include providing informati on, accepting and assisting with site visits, arranging business matching and overall setup of offices and incorporation.

GNI(Greater Nagoya Initiative)(外部リンク)別ウィンドウ

JETRO Nagoya

JETRO Nagoya offers various information and services to overseas companies considering investment and starting business in Japan, and to Japan-based foreign-affiliated companies seeking to expand business within Japan.
We provide various information, individual consultation, and arrangements of business meetings between overseas companies and Japanese local companies.
We also offer free temporary office space for overseas companies to establish a business base and starting business in Japan.


Nagoya International Center

The center offers tourist and other information needed by people from oversea li ving i n Japan. Th is i ncludes information on immigration, qualifying for residency, healthcare, and Japanese language programs in multiple languages (English, Chinese, Hangul, Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino, and Vietnamese).
We also offer free advice and consultations on administration, law, taxation and education by professional staff. We help you to have safe and secure living in Nagoya.

Nagoya International Center(外部リンク)別ウィンドウ


Industry & labor Division, Industry Department,
Civic & Economic Affairs Bureau, City of Nagoya(5F City Hall Main Building),
TEL (from in Japan): (052) 972-2422  TEL (from outside Japan): 81-52-972-2422
FAX (from in Japan): (052) 972-4139

Office hours: from Monday to Friday, 8:45AM to 5:15PM
(except Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays)
E-mail is accepted any time.