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Health Insurance (Kenko Hoken)

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Entrance Qualifications

Japan has a medical care insurance system that makes medical treatment available at a low cost if you are injured or become ill. As a rule, all persons with an address in Japan must enter a public medical insurance program. All foreign residents meeting all of the conditions listed below are required to enroll in the Nagoya City National Health Insurance. The application procedure must be completed at the Health Insurance and Pension Division of your local ward office or at the Residents’ Welfare Division of your local branch office.


The applicant must

  1. Be living within Nagoya city with a registered address.
  2. Have an appropriate status of residence, and expect to stay in Japan for more than 3 months
    (However, this does not include persons who immigrate or stay in Japan for medical care purposes, or to care for those in need of medical assistance, nor persons who immigrate or stay in Japan for tourism or recreation or spouses thereof who also immigrate or stay in Japan for tourism or recreation.)
  3. Not be enrolled in a public medical care insurance plan provided by an employer.
  4. Not be enrolled in the Medical Care System for the Elderly (aged 75 and older).
  5. Not be the recipient of public financial assistance.

Notifying the City about National Health Insurance Status

Those having the qualifications to join National Health Insurance have a duty to inform the city in any of the following situations. In this case, please complete the necessary procedures at the Health Insurance & Pension Division of your local ward office or at the Residents’ Welfare Division of your local branch office.

  1. When you join National Health Insurance (when entering Nagoya from another location, quitting work, birth of a child, etc.)
  2. When you quit National Health Insurance (when leaving Nagoya to go to another location, joining your workplace’s health insurance, death, etc.)
  3. When a change occurs in your residence, household, or name


Those who are insured under the Nagoya City National Health Insurance will receive a health insurance certificate. By presenting this health insurance certificate when undergoing treatment at a hospital or clinic, the amount of medical costs for which the person insured (or the head of his/her household) is liable for is as follows:

  • 20% for infants and children at the pre-elementary school level
  • 30% from elementary school children up to under 70 years old
  • 20% for those aged 70 to those born on April 2, 1944 and later
  • 10% for those born on or before April 1, 1944
(In any of these cases, persons with high incomes are 30%)In cases of hospitalization, meal costs are charged at a standard level. Benefits are also provided in cases where the amount borne by the insured is large, or the person insured gives birth or dies.

Insurance Premiums

The insured must pay insurance premiums. The amount of the insurance premiums is decided and levied in accordance with the household’s income and number of family members. For details about the National Health Insurance system, please refer to the booklet “City of Nagoya National Health Insurance Program Guide” available in English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino, and Vietnamese.

City of Nagoya National Health Insurance Program Guide

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