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Community Life

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Neighborhood Interaction

In Japan, it is said that in times of emergency, friends nearby are more important than relatives far away. Making friends in your neighborhood is not difficult even if you are not a very fluent speaker of Japanese. From exchanges of information on everyday matters, such as garbage collection or shopping, to help in time of emergencies such as the illness of a child or natural disaster, the benefits of active neighborhood interaction are many

Neighborhood Associations/Neighborhood Council

The neighborhood association/neighborhood council provides an opportunity for local residents to interact socially as well as mutually help one another. These groups are autonomous bodies organized voluntarily by local residents. Membership is not mandatory, but if you join there are many benefits, such as information about daily life and local concerns, or the chance to participate in local activities and events. Your circle of friends in the community is certain to grow as you participate. Additionally, it is said that the closer you are with your community through neighborhood associations/neighborhood councils, the more help there will be from the community and the faster the recovery will be in times of disaster.

As neighborhood association/neighborhood council activities, membership fees, and other matters vary accordingto each neighborhood association/neighborhood council, please contact your local neighborhood association/neighborhood council for details before joining.

Exchange Organizations

There are many organizations in the Nagoya area actively promoting mutual exchange between Japanese and foreign nationals. Interested people should contact the Nagoya International Center for details.

Implementation of Public Nonsmoking Areas

With the intent to create a securer, safer and more comfortable city, the “City of Nagoya Ordinance towards a Secure, Safe and Comfortable City” requires smokers to refrain from smoking while walking or dropping cigarette butts on the ground in public places within Nagoya.

In addition, the City of Nagoya has designated the four areas of Nagoya Station, Sakae, Kanayama, and Fujigaoka as Public Nonsmoking Areas meaning that smoking while standing or walking along streets in these Public Nonsmoking Areas is prohibited.

Smoking in public spaces in these areas carries a 2,000 yen fine.