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Child Care

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Pregnancy and Childbirth

If you become pregnant, please submit a notification to the health center. You will receive a Maternal and Child Health Handbook (“Boshi Kenko Techo”; also available in English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish), which records the pregnancy and childbirth progress, and a booklet that you will need to receive infant health checks, pregnancy checkups, and other services. Also, please refer to the corresponding booklet which explains how to use your Maternal and Child Health Handbook effectively (English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish versions are available). After giving birth, please submit a notification via the postcard attached to the booklet. A health nurse will then visit your home.

Infant health checks are administered at the health centers for infants and children aged 3 months, 18 months, and 3 years. You will be notified specific dates by your local health center.

In addition, assistance with medical costs is available for infants and children up to Grade 3 of junior high school. For more information, please ask at the Health Insurance & Pension Division at your local ward office or the Residents’ Welfare Division at a ward office branch.
Medical Subsidies

Nursery Schools/Licensed Childcare/Small Childcare Facilities/Family Childcare Facilities

Nursery schools are facilities that take care of children until they start elementary school in the case of children who require childcare due to some reason such as employment or illness of their guardians. The costs to the user (fees) are determined according to the amount of city taxes paid by the household. Usage procedures are handled at the Public & Child Welfare Division of your ward office or the Residents’ Welfare Division at a ward office branch.


Kindergartens provide educational services for children from the age of three years until they start elementary school. Generally, both City and private kindergartens distribute application forms in September and accept applications and decide upon successful applicants in October. Each kindergarten has its own entrance procedures.

For questions regarding City kindergartens, please contact the kindergarten you are interested in directly or the Teaching Personnel Division of Nagoya City Board of Education (TEL 972–3243 FAX 972–4177). For questions regarding private kindergartens, please contact the kindergarten directly.

For families who have a child attending a private kindergarten (excluding facilities that transferred to the new child/parenting support system), financial assistance is also available depending on household income. For questions regarding tuition assistance for private kindergartens, inquire at the Educational Affairs Division of the Nagoya City Board of Education (TEL 972–3219 / FAX 972–4175)  or at the Kindergarten your child/children attend(s).

Assistance for Single-Parent Households

Please consult with the public & child welfare division in the ward office and the residents’ welfare division branch of your ward if you are raising a child on your own due to divorce, death of a spouse, or other circumstances. There are many services available to assist you.

(Examples of Services Available)

・General, Employment, and Parenting Support

・Financial Assistance

・Work/Career Skills Development